Muslim 3D - Embark on a Wonderful Journey.
  • Embark on a Wonderful Journey.

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Join us on a breathtaking adventure!

Muslim 3D is an educational video game. You begin your journey with your own 3D avatar in a virtual reproduction of Makkah.

Interact with other virtual people, go on adventurous quests, go back in time to relive a historic moment, or embark on a Virtual Hajj!

This and much more is Muslim 3D - a virtual world of Islamic lifestyle, rituals & history!

Available 21 February 2022

We have been working tirelessly for years to create a world-class product - now available in "Early Access" on Steam.

However, our journey will not end there. The roadmap is full of exciting features that we will be added in 3 phases.

PHASE 1 - Freeplay Mode

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PHASE 2 - Story Mode

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PHASE 3 - Online Mode


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All I can say is: “If this is a 'demo' - I can’t wait for the release of the full app.”

Catechist (App Store User Review)

If the Demo is this good, I wonder how good would be the production version. Amazing. Love it!

Md Nasim Akhtar (Play Store User Review)

While using this I was quite impressed with the level of immersion I experienced.

Catechist (App Store User Review)

My son loves it - it’s fun and this is good for learning our religion!

kayannpoopi-f_ty32 (App Store User Review)

Excellent graphics and textures are like real ...I hope you'll make more like that.

Afiq Uubir (Play Store User Review)