Muslim 3D - Embark on a Wonderful Journey.
  • Embark on a Wonderful Journey.

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Join us on a breathtaking adventure!

Muslim 3D is an educational video game. You begin your journey with your own 3D avatar in a virtual reproduction of Makkah.

Interact with other virtual people, go on adventurous quests, go back in time to relive a historic moment, or embark on a Virtual Hajj!

This and much more is Muslim 3D - a virtual world of Islamic lifestyle, rituals & history!

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We have been working tirelessly for years to create a world-class product. Get Muslim 3D now as a demo for your mobile device or for your Windows PC (Early Access).

Our journey will not end there. The roadmap is full of exciting features that we will be added in 3 phases.

PHASE 1 - Freeplay Mode

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PHASE 2 - Story Mode

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PHASE 3 - Online Mode


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Get Muslim 3D Now!

Get Muslim 3D Now

All I can say is: “If this is a 'demo' - I can’t wait for the release of the full app.”

Catechist (App Store User Review)

If the Demo is this good, I wonder how good would be the production version. Amazing. Love it!

Md Nasim Akhtar (Play Store User Review)

While using this I was quite impressed with the level of immersion I experienced.

Catechist (App Store User Review)

My son loves it - it’s fun and this is good for learning our religion!

kayannpoopi-f_ty32 (App Store User Review)

Excellent graphics and textures are like real ...I hope you'll make more like that.

Afiq Uubir (Play Store User Review)