Muslim 3D - FAQ


Which languages will be supported by Muslim 3D?

In Phase 1 the following languages will be supported: Arabic, English, French, Turkish and German. Malay, Indonesian, Russian, Urdu and other languages will be added shortly after that. This selection is based on the download statistics of our demo version.

I want to support the project by purchasing a Limited Edition, but I'd rather stay anonymous.

We will honor your wish if you opt out of having your name shown in the Hall of Dua. Alternatively you can choose a different name or a shortened version, for example "M. Ali".

However - please give it a second thought. Sometimes openly supporting a good cause is a great motivation for others to follow your example, and therefore (with the right intentions) much better for you than doing it privately. We definitely encourage you to share your support with others because this will help us reach more people and deliver great content.

What religious sources do you use to create content for Muslim 3D?

In short: The Holy Quran, Prophetic tradition (authentic ahadith), the Sira (biography) of the Prophet (pbuh) by the early authors (such as Ibn Ishaq / Ibn Hisham). We are well aware that spreading knowledge about Islam is a huge responsibility, which is why accredited Islamic scholars will be supervising the content on a regular basis. See for more information.

Do I still need to do a real Hajj if I performed a virtual Hajj?

Performing a virtual Hajj using Muslim 3D is purely educational or for training purposes. While we strive to improve the virtual experience, it can never be a substitute for performing the real pilgrimage - which is mandatory for every Muslim who is physically and financially capable.

Why are you releasing Muslim 3D in 3 phases?

Creating a video game like Muslim 3D requires a team of highly skilled  professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, which means a huge amount of money will be spent - long before Muslim 3D is even launched.

By releasing Muslim 3D in 3 phases we hope to start generating revenues early to relieve some of the enourmous financial pressure on our company.

For you this means you get to enjoy Muslim 3D earlier - and we can listen to your feedback and suggestions while working on new features!

When and how can I play Muslim 3D?

We are determined to launch a first version in the 4th Quater of 2021. Initially Muslim 3D will be available for Windows and macOS, shortly after for iOS and Android mobile devices.

You will be able to download and play Muslim 3D through the Microsoft Store, Mac App Store or Steam. Don't worry, we'll make sure that it is super easy to launch and play - you don't need to be an expert!



We will add more FAQs here! Feel free to contact us if you have other questions.