Muslim 3D - Story Mode

Muslim 3D - Story Mode

In Release Phase 2 Muslim 3D becomes an educational Role-Playing Game. You will be able to customize your personal character and enter the world of Muslim 3D living your very own exciting adventure!

You begin your journey as an Apprentice of Islam. Engaging Quests will allow you to gather experience, increase your knowledge, discover new locations and objects and interact with other interesting characters in Muslim 3D.

In role-playing games Quests are a collection of tasks that players complete in order to progress through the game or receive a reward. As experienced, award-winning game designers our goal is to make these Quests as interesting, engaging and rewarding for you as possible!

With Quests you experience the world and story of Muslim 3D through the eyes of your player character. Much like reading a book, you learn more and more about Islamic history, lifestyle, rituals and important personalities - but in a playful and captivating way.

Expected Release Date: Q1 2022