Muslim 3D - Freeplay Mode

Muslim 3D - Freeplay Mode

In the first release of Muslim 3D there offers a Freeplay Mode, which means that all locations are accessible and you can explore them freely.

Here is a list of Muslim 3D locations that we have already implemented and which will be ready for exploration in our initial launch:

  • The Holy Mosque in Makkah (the inner area)
  • Tent City of Mina
  • Jamaraat Bridge with the 3 Jamrah pillars
  • Muzdalifa
  • The Plain of Arafat and the Mountain of Mercy
  • The Virtual Museum and Virtual Library
  • The Dua Monument (a place dedicated for early supporters of Muslim 3D)

In our Virtual Museum you will be able to discover various objects of cultural or historical importance. The Virtual Library is a place where everything you learn and discover is preserved in the form of interactive manuscripts.

In Phase 1 we will also introduce Chronicles, which represent a very special, guided tour through a significant historical event!

We will begin with the chronicle - "The Ritual Walking between Safa & Marwa", which takes place in Ancient Makkah at the time of Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him. Other Chronicles will follow on a regular basis.

Here is a preview of our first chronicle, which tells the inspiring story of the miraculous emergence of the Zam Zam well.