Muslim 3D - The Hall of Dua

The Hall of Dua

Muslim 3D - Hall of Dua

The Hall of Dua is a virtual place in Muslim 3D located in the House of Knowledge.

It is dedicated to all early supporters of Muslim 3D, whose names will be recorded and perpetuated in the Hall of Dua.

Millions of people* will visit this tranquil place and hear a beautiful Dua - 24 hours and 7 days a week - for all people who supported Muslim 3D in its early stage by either backing our crowdfunding campaign or purchasing a Muslim 3D bundle before its release.

The idea behind the Hall of Dua is to raise funds to help us cover the expensive production costs. If you believe in the vision behind Muslim 3D as much as we do - which combines professional video game design with educational value-based content - consider supporting us by pre-purchasing a single license or a limited edition bundle.

Hall of Dua



* The free demo app was already downloaded more than one million times.