Muslim 3D Executive Nameplate NFTs

Muslim 3D Executive Nameplate NFTs

What are NFTs?

Muslim 3D NFT Coin

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is data stored on a digital ledger (blockchain). It establishes a verified & public proof of ownership of a digital item.

In our case we are using the NFT technology to allow supporters & fans of Muslim 3D to own an Executive Limited Edition of Muslim 3D and their name to be listed perpetually in the Hall of Dua.

Where can I buy or trade an Executive Nameplate NFT?

The Collection of Executive Nameplates is listed on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace. Visit to find all tradable items.

What does it mean if I own an Executive Nameplate NFT?

As an owner of an Executive Nameplate NFT you have the right to have your name written on an Executive Nameplate inside the Hall of Dua in Muslim 3D.

You are free to sell the NFT to another person. However - this will revoke your right and your name will be deleted or replaced.Executive Nameplate NFTs

Can I choose another name to be written on the nameplate?

Yes, some owners prefered having the name of their family or their deceased parent written instead of their own.

But we reserve the right to refuse your name choice if it is related or can be confused with one of the following topics: Drugs / Alcohol, Sexuality, Violence, Confusion with a well-known celebrity, Profane / Mature / Demeaning language, Blasphemy

The ultimate decision is ours to make, make sure to ask ahead of your purchase if you see a chance of name rejection.

When will my name become publicly visible on the nameplate?

Executive Nameplate

After providing proof of ownership, your name will be written on the Executive Nameplate and become publicly visible after the next software update of Muslim 3D. This takes somewhere between one week and up to one month (we are working on a technical solution that allows a realtime change of the name).

How many Executive Nameplates are there?

There are 12 Executive Nameplates in the Hall of Dua. 3 of these 12 were given to crowdfunding supporters, 9 of them are listed and tradable on OpenSea.

Each NFT represents exactly one unique nameplate in the Executive Supporter section. The image of the NFT shows a serial number at the bottom. The same number is carved in the matching 3D model of the nameplate.

The NFTs are too expensive for me, but I still want to help!

There is a limited number of Silver, Golden and Platin Nameplates in the Hall of Dua. You can find the available nameplates here: Muslim 3D Limited Editions

Why are you doing all this?

The NFTs allow Muslim 3D supporters & fans (but also Collectors of NFTs) to help us tackle the super-high, on-going production costs of Muslim 3D.

NFTs are simply another source of revenue for us. Each time our NFTs are traded, 10% of the purchase will be transfered to us.

With Muslim 3D we are aiming to provide a modern, playful educational software for Muslims & Non-Muslims to learn about Islamic worshipping, history and lifestyle.